How do I change the time on my Samsung phone system?

This time change procedure can be used for ALL Samsung phone systems with the exception of the 816 & 56/120.

  • With phone on hook, Dial Transfer 200
  • Enter 1234 for passcode
  • Press 1 then Speaker
  • Dial 505
  • Enter Date and Time
  • W = Day of week (Monday is 1)....
  • MM = Month
  • DD = Day
  • YY = Year
  • HHMM = Time (24 hour) example:  1:45 pm is 1345
  • Press Transfer to exit and save
How do I change the name on my phone?

Leaving the phone hung up-

  • Press Transfer 104
  • Press the hold key to clear the current entry
  • Type in the new name like a text message
  • Use the volume up/down keys for spaces or to go back
  • Press transfer when done to exit and save
The top red light on my phone is flashing fast red, how do I clear it?

Most likely Do Not Disturb was accidentally set, to clear it leave the phone hung up and dial 400.

My message light is flashing like I have a message but my display is not saying "New Message".

Someone set a program message on your phone which means nothing.  To clear leave your phone hung up and dial 42-XXX (XXX is your own extension number)

The holiday/RTO button is red and my system won't switch to day/night.

After the holiday button is used it needs to be cleared when you are back, press the button and hit 0000 followed by a 0 when it asks for the ring plan number.